Red ReBottled Nautical Rope Dog Leash

Ocean Hound ReBottled Red Nautical Rope Dog Leash Springer Spaniel
Ocean Hound ReBottled Red Nautical Rope Dog Leash
Ocean Hound ReBottled Red Nautical Rope Dog Leash Marine Grade Hardware Stainless Steel Thimble
Ocean Hound ReBottled Red Nautical Rope Dog Leash English Cream Golden Retriever
Ocean Hound ReBottled Red Nautical Rope Dog Leash Newfoundland white converse New England
Ocean Hound ReBottled Red Nautical Rope Dog Leash Frenchie Dog on Beach

Red ReBottled Nautical Rope Dog Leash

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When you want to walk securely with your dog and also look good, this ReBottled™ Nautical Rope Leash is the answer to having more fun while out exploring with your dog! 

In the rain, the water, or on dry land, this is the best leash for you and your dog.

The Details

  • Strong enough to dock a boat - meaning you can walk your dog knowing you're in control. Stainless steel sail thimble adds additional strength to the coastal design.
  • Soft, comfortable hand-spliced nautical rope - eliminates the friction burn caused by your average dog leash when your dog pulls
  • Built to get wet - allowing your dog to play in the water (or walk in the rain) without the leash losing shape, getting heavy, smelling funky, or fraying. The rope will also not kink or get tangled.

Your Impact
For every original size ReBottled leash purchased, you're keeping nine plastic water bottles from becoming ocean pollution.

All leashes are 5 feet long. The original leash is made with 10mm rope and the small size is made with 8mm rope and slightly smaller, lighter hardware. The small size is recommended for dogs 25 pounds and less.

Customer Reviews

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Love our new leash from Ocean Hound, great quality, great looks and environmentally friendly. Highly recommend it!

I have more than one!

Not gonna lie...I've got one on my car, my yeti's, my laptop. Love these sticker's crisp design and nautical colors


We love the Ocean Hound products!! Living the beach life requires our dog accessories to be compatible with salt and sand - these are the best!

Beautiful Leash

I hope they will make a double leash soon. Matching collars would be great too.
This is a beautiful leash and feels nice in your hand too.

These are the best handcrafted leashes I have ever used.

The leashes are made with extremely high quality recycled materials and the clasps are top quality durable metal. They look good and behave better.

Fantastic Leash!

So Good!

Really love this leash. Extremely well built and soft to the touch. It handles all our trips the park, beach, or just around the block. Would recommend to anyone looking for something quality and it's a great bonus that's its recycled plastic.

Love, Love, Love our leashes from ocean hound. Having 3 Newfoundland’s, I needed a durable leash that was not to thick or heavy to hold, but was strong enough if I needed to control my dogs.

Thank you Ocean hound for keeping our oceans clean and making great leashes!!

Highly recommend!

We absolutely love the Rebottled leash! Its design is flawless! It’s comfortable to hold and the clasp is very easy to use. We love the design and the colors are all great! It’s extremely durable, especially if you have a big dog who pulls like mine...It’s been a fantastic addition to our walks on the beach, trails in the woods and just walks down the street. Highly recommend!

Perfect combo of form and function (and green!)

I love love love the ReBottled Leash. It's got a sleek design that you would never guess is made from recycled plastic. But because it is, I have total faith in its durability and strength. It's comfortable to hold in your hand (even if your dog pulls like mine!). The clasp is also easy to remove. The blue one fits in perfectly with our beach trips!

Santa Monica Dog Leash
Gorgeous leash

Love love love the navy and pink. Quality is fantastic, love it for our yellow lab.

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