Putting Dogs & the Ocean First


Hi & welcome to Ocean Hound!

I'm Julie, the Founder & CEO of Ocean Hound. As a kid, I'd spend time in the summer at Pine Point, Maine, just south of Portland, and I fell in love with the rugged charm of New England.

Fast forward many years, I'm now married with two kids and five dogs. (Yep, FIVE! I'm that crazy dog lady.) After what felt like a lifetime working in corporate America, I quit my product marketing job to create and focus full-time on Ocean Hound.

My mission was to design superior dog gear, inspired by that rugged, coastal charm of New England, using recycled materials. I wanted to use meaningful design to decrease the number of plastics entering our oceans.

Having big dogs of my own, I know you need a solid leash that you can trust while out on your adventures. And you want something that can get wet without losing shape, getting heavy, or smelling funky.

After years of research, experimentation, and lots and lots of adventures with our dogs, I created the industry-disrupting ReBottled™ Nautical Rope Leash.


Creating our ReBottled™ Nautical Rope

The recycled bottles we use are collected before they have a chance to become ocean plastic pollution. Once the bottles are shredded into flake and the flake is melted into pellets to become fibers, the fibers are woven together to create our signature ReBottled™ nautical rope.

Ocean Hound ReBottled Process - Making Leashes from Recycled Plastics

Your Impact
When you buy an original ReBottled Nautical Rope Leash, you're keeping nine plastic water bottles out of our oceans.

Each leash is hand-spliced in coastal Massachusetts and finished with authentic, marine-grade hardware, including a stainless steel nautical thimble for added strength and durability.

 Ocean Hound Navy ReBottled Leash


As a small business, your support means everything. We hope you and your dog(s) love our ReBottled Nautical Rope Dog Gear as much as we do!

Go play & have fun,