A Blend of Two Passions

Founded by dog people with a passion for the ocean, our mission was to redesign the average, boring (let's be honest, ugly) dog leash by using materials created from recycled plastic water bottles.

As dog owners ourselves (we've got 5 BIG dogs), we were tired of the friction burns on our hands from standard leashes when our dog's pulled, and the hardware clasps often felt cheap, unsecure and never lasted very long.

We started to see quality products made from recycled materials for ourselves, but nothing high-quality for our dogs that also matched our personal style. We knew we could find a solution.

Our Signature ReBottled Nautical Rope Leashes

We know your number one priority is the safety of your dog, so we set out to create a safer, more secure dog leash.

The ReBottled leashes are made from nautical rope strong enough to dock a boat and finished with long-lasting, marine-grade hardware, so you don't have to worry. This leash keeps you in control without being too thick or too heavy for you or your dog.

Available in blue, red, or black, the classic tweed pattern combined with the nickel hardware create a modern design to fit your personal style.

Finally! A sustainable dog leash that feels and looks great.

Ocean Hound Black ReBottled Leash

BONUS: Keeping Plastic Out of Our Oceans

 When you buy an original ReBottled Leash, you're keeping nine plastic water bottles out of our oceans.

Each leash is hand-spliced in coastal Massachusetts and finished with authentic, marine-grade hardware, including a stainless steel nautical thimble for added strength and durability.

 By using meaningful design, we can solve big problems like ocean plastic pollution.

 Ocean Hound Navy ReBottled Leash

The ReBottled Process

The recycled bottles we use are collected before they have a chance to become ocean plastic pollution.

Once the bottles are shredded into flake and the flake melted into pellets to become fibers, the fibers are woven together to create our signature ReBottled nautical ropes.

Ocean Hound ReBottled Process - Making Leashes from Recycled Plastics

Don't Compromise On Your Dog's Leash

You deserve an eco-friendly leash that's high-quality, fits your personal style and is designed to withstand the chewing, pulling and tugging from your dog.

After years of research, experimentation and lots and lots of adventures with our own dogs, we created the industry-disrupting ReBottled Leash.

We hope you and your dog(s) love the ReBottled leash as much as we do!


Julie Ott, Founder & CEO, Ocean Hound